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Renewed Life ACAI Berry Supplements Vs. Other Brands Of ACAI Berry Supplements

Other Brands Of ACAI Berry Powders and Capsules:

One can easily be fooled by other brands of ACAI Berry capsules or powders on the market today. You may have heard of 4:1 powders, extracts and more. The truth is, that they are all freeze-dried versions, full of multidextrin carriers (dried corn starch), magnesium separate, or rice powder.

Most companies don't have to list these ingredients on their labels because, they are added during the manufacturing process. Some companies even go so far as to add coloring to the ACAI Berry powder to make it appear to be the real thing! The bottom line is, that IT IS NOT the real thing. How can you tell? Here's a couple of points to consider:

  • The capsules or powder will be pink or pale in color. This tells you it is freeze-dried ACAI Berry, which is the lowest quality of ACAI Berry available, containing at least 40% of the above mentioned fillers. The powder will also be bone dry and lifeless, not much more than a placebo. It's no wonder why so many of these companies are able to sell their products for so little.
  • If the capsules look beautiful and dark purple they must be the real thing, right? Not always so. There are many companies that add fillers to freeze-dried ACAI Berry to spread it further. How can you tell? Open the capsules -- the powder should be oily from the Omegas 3, 6 and 9. The powder should literally cling to your hand. The ACAI Berry should taste like blueberry's with a hint of chocolate. Why do companies add these fillers? It is much more efficient for them, and it makes the filling process much easier. The oils in the ACAI Berry can be very messy to fill. Renewed Life ACAI Berry Supplements makes 100% pure, freeze dried ACAI Berry capsules. NOT A 4:1 powder extract!
  • Is it 100% organic ACAI Berry? If not, then you are putting pesticides, and other potentially dangerous toxins into your body. The whole point of an antioxidant, is to destroy free radicals, and if it's not 100% organic ACAI Berry, then it is going against itself. All Renewed Life ACAI Berry Supplements are 100% pure, and organic ACAI Berry.

Other Brands Of ACAI Berry Juices:

There are companies selling brands of ACAI Berry juice that are watered down, or clarified (skin extracted). Versions with added sugar, disguised by other terms such as: cane juice or dextrose etc., are essentially ALL sugar, and the bottom line is that sugar is the leading cause of inflammation.

Have you ever done research on all of the disguised words for sugar? It is astonishing! There are between 20-30 of them, if not more! ACAI Berry is an anti-inflammatory, so it should go without saying, if your ACAI Berry juice has any type of sugar in it, then you are risking your health for an altered taste of this amazing super fruit! Why do that?

The inner pit of the berry cannot be used, as it is a very stringy, and hairy seed, and is extremely bitter. ACAI Berry has to be frozen if it contains no preservatives, as it would perish as soon as it was opened, and exposed to any elements. Pasteurization alone, is not enough to keep this highly perishable berry from spoiling, neither is refrigeration.

Many other ACAI Berry juice brands contain guarana (caffeine), and toxic preservatives, or are bottled in plastic. Bottling ACAI Berry juice in plastic, is not recommended because, it has to be filled at a minimum temperature of 185 F, and at this temperature, there is always the issue of plastic leeching. Exposure to sunlight, or sitting in the back of a hot truck, can also lead to plastic leeching, which has been linked to many health problems.

Renewed Life ACAI Berry Juice is 100% pure, with no added sugar, or chemicals. It is 100% pure organic ACAI Berry pulp.

What is the monthly cost of Renewed Life ACAI Berry Supplements?

If you use the Renewed Life 100% Pure ACAI Berry supplement capsules as recommended, one bottle will last you 8 weeks. That's less then .75 cents per day for long lasting great health.

Look around, and you will see most companies sell 60 - 500 mg capsules of 4:1 ACAI Berry with added sugars for more than we sell 120 - 500 mg capsules of 100% pure ACAI Berry. That means you only get 25% ACAI Berry with those other so called ACAI Berry supplements, and half the amount of product capsules.

Now compare

  • Renewed Life sells 120 - 500 mg capsules of 100% pure ACAI Berry with NOTHING ADDED vs. Other companies sell 60 - 500mg capsules of 4:1 ACAI Berry with added sugars, and chemicals.
  • Cost per capsule, per volume of 500 mg of 100% pure ACAI Berry powder: One 500 mg Renewed Life 100% Pure ACAI Berry capsule cost you .37 cents each vs. Other companies offer you a 4:1 ACAI Berry capsule with added sugars, and chemicals at a cost of .42 cents each.

An ACAI Berry supplement can only be as good as its ACAI. We know this sounds like a riddle, but we have seen numerous ACAI Berry supplements in beautiful bottles, with lovely graphics, and well designed websites. Companies even offer you a way to make money, by selling their ACAI products to your friends through multi-level marketing programs.

These companies spare no expense when it comes to marketing their products, but they do NOT use 100% pure ACAI Berry. They use cheap, and inferior ACAI 4:1 extracts, added sugars, and chemicals. All the marketing, graphics, and multi-level marketing programs in the world can not make up for using inferior ACAI Berry supplements.

Renewed Life 100% Pure ACAI Berry Supplements...

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