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Manage your Diabetes with 100% Pure ACAI Berry Supplements:

ACAI Berry SupplementsACAI has naturally occurring carbohydrates, as well as protein, fat, and vitamin E. These effectively work together to prevent a typical drop in blood sugar, that occurs after rapid insulin release. A rapid drop in blood sugar, leads to fatigue and loss of energy. Renewed Life 100% Pure ACAI Berry Supplements also contains phytosterols, which helps to control blood sugar in diabetes.

The fatty acid content in the ACAI Berry resembles olive oil, and is rich in monounsaturated oleic acid, or Omega-9. Oleic acid is important for a number of reasons. It combines with Omega-3 to penetrate the cell membrane in the body, which makes those membranes more supple. By keeping the cell membrane supple, all hormones, neurotransmitters, and insulin receptors, function more efficiently. This is important, because high insulin levels create an inflammatory response, which ultimately causes the aging process, and can lead to extreme "insulin resistance" or type II diabetes.

Diabetes | Diabetes Supplements | ACAI Berry SupplementsThese essential fatty acids are extremely important to a diabetic. In type II diabetes, either the body does not produce enough insulin, or the cells ignore the insulin (insulin resistance). With Insulin resistance, there can be high insulin levels present. Excessive insulin production is a contributing cause of many degenerative disorders, such as heart disease and cancer.

The most immediate effect of excessive insulin production is weight gain. Insulin drives fat into cells, which prevents fat from being released from the cells, and that makes you chronically hungry. High insulin levels lead to obesity, which also leads to those diseases associated with being overweight.

Excessive insulin in diabetics, can be responsible for: stroke; high blood pressure; blindness; kidney disease; dental disease; hardening of the arteries; impotence; weight gain; depression; skin disorders; limb amputations; elevated cholesterol; weakened immune systems, and more.

Diabetes Informations | Diabetes History | Diabetes Health Care | Diabetes | ACAI BerryBy helping those insulin receptors function more efficiently, the receptors can perform their job, and allows your body’s insulin to push glucose (blood sugar) into the cells. Then, it can be converted to energy, and the result is lower blood sugar levels. Renewed Life 100% Pure ACAI Berry Supplements has been proven to aid in the control of excess blood sugar levels, thus taking control of your diabetes.

The ACAI Berry is also an excellent source of dietary fiber. This is significant because it has been proven that diets high in fiber, help lower their diabetic risk. By including fiber in your diet, your measure of insulin sensitivity improves significantly.

A serious side effect of diabetes is retinopathy, which in most cases cause blindness. Retinopathy occurs, when the body attempts to repair capillaries that are damaged from impaired blood flow. The body then compensates by over-producing abnormal proteins. Anthocyanins, which is found in Renewed Life 100% Pure ACAI Berry Supplements, protects those capillaries from leaking, and thus prevents the proliferation of abnormal proteins.

Renewed Life 100% Pure ACAI Berry Supplements, FAR SUPERIOR to any 4:1 ACAI Berry supplement. The quality of our Pure ACAI Berry supplements, combined with the benefits to your health, and well-being, may cost little more, but you are worth every penny! We are Renewed Life, 100% Pure ACAI Supplements...

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